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This is a really old bio from the old site:

Stanley Roland Frantz, II

Stan is (oh, my god!) 62 years old, single. He currently lives in a 200 year old log cabin on 2.3 acres in the village of Beersville. Make of it what you will, his property is at the corner of Beersville and Cigar Roads in Moore Township, PA. He shares his home with his beloved Labrador mix, George, 2 cats,  5 hens and 2 ducks.

Past History

Originally from the East Coast, Bethlehem, Pa. to be exact, Stan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Art in 1974, and promptly moved to Santa Barbara, CA.

There he fervently pursued his life-long dream of living the surfing life for the next 12 years, supporting himself by working as a artist/craftsman for Progressive Surfboards, performing every task in the construction of those beautiful, hand-crafted works of art used for riding the waves.

Parked in back of his house in Santa Barbara was a 1965 Glaspar, deep-vee hull, fiberglass boat, Ocean Motion II, which he retro-fitted for use as a ‘ranch boat’ for access to the fabled waves of the Hollister & Bixby Ranch near Pt. Conception. When not at home or at work, you were most likely to find him there, or some other local beach, pulling into the tube.

Around 1988 he discovered a hitherto unknown proclivity and passion for the theatre and embarked on a life dedicated to the theatre with equivalent zeal. This path led him to Seattle for 3 years, from whence he returned in 1992 to found a theatre troupe, A Company of Players, which presented Shakespeare outdoors. This accomplished to acclaim, he moved on to technical theatre positions at the Ensemble Theatre and Westmont College.

Originally taking a position as graphic designer at All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church as a part-time temp job during his 1st summer break from Westmont, he eventually made it his full time occupation. Temporarily retiring from the theatre in order to have more time for his first love, surfing, he began to pursue a free-lance career in graphic design and web site development.

His life changed radically in October 1998, when Stan returned to his birthplace, Bethlehem, Pa., to care for his 95 year-old grandmother, Pearl, and look after her apartment house. Giving up his surfing life once again to do the right thing for the family, he continued to design for the web and electronic media, taking a real job in June 1999, developing the web division and building web sites for a company called Marketing Partners.

Working hard and actually getting paid well for my abilities, was pretty cool. I saved my money and bought my first house on August 1, 2000!

It’s a log cabin built in the early 1800s and has a creek in back with a big swimming hole, a pasture, an old barn and several other buildings  including a 2-seater outhouse. I started renovating the barn into a workshop and studio in September on my vacation.

Sadly, my Nana, Pearl, passed away on September 9, 2000 at the age of 97. She was a wonderful woman who lived a very full life. I put up a memorial page to honor her lifetime of giving to others. You can read her obituary there, which just touches the surface of all that this woman was able to accomplish in her life.

Then I quit my full time job on November 1, 2000 to start my own freelance web design business. Life is pretty good. Now all I need are some clients.

I really need to update this…I’ve managed to do a few more things in the past 15 years…


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