Wave Porn

I love the ocean. I love to surf. I love waves.

Getting back into surfing has been a challenge. More of a challenge than learning the first time, which was the most difficult thing I ever accomplished. It’s been frustrating and demoralizing at times to want to do it so badly and to just not be able to. I won’t give up. I can’t. Continue reading


We have finally returned to Nova Scotia and taken up residence in our new home on Astaak Point in Clam Bay. As in prior years, I’ve taken a lot of pictures as we revisited all our favorite places here in Abbecombec Ocean Village. I often pick a couple photos to share on Facebook and Instagram, the selections made for random reasons; either a certain image symbolizes something about the day, some event we experienced (more often than not a George photo bomb) or simply just certain images stand out as special, you-know-it-when-you-see-it, extraordinary captures of the beauty that abounds here. Continue reading

For What It’s Worth

Continuing with my self inflicted chore/labour of love of choosing my top shots from each day’s shoot to make a ‘highlight reel,’ I selected these from the remaining days in October. So this would make Part 4 of the Back To The Garden series if you’re still keeping count. Continue reading

Back To The Garden

If you’ve been following my journey on Facebook or this blog/website, you are probably aware that I think I’ve found Eden, or perhaps Shangri la. Certainly my idea of Paradise on Earth.

Some people call it Nova Scotia. I am very excited to soon call it Home. My new home on top of Astaak Point is being completed as I type this! Continue reading

Maid With The Flaxen Hair

Part 2 of 4 slideshow videos I made from the big shoot at Mariner’s Cove on September 18 (after our morning hunt for Edouardo…)

Thinking of all those wonderful TV nature documentaries, I set this in depth photographic study of the reef I call Gazebos to a classical piece I just happened to have a free sample of on my computer. It couldn’t have been titled more appropriately.

Maid With The Flaxen Hair
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kirk Trevor
Richard Stolzman, soloist

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Where’s Edouard?

Day Two of the search for Edouard. September 18 early morning.

It was so big on the satellite pictures. The track was just right. It was right in the window. The swell charts were perfect. The wind was perfect. The sun was out, the water was still warm…

Where are the freaking waves??? Making the rounds, checking the points…a few tantalizing teasers…but nope…he stood us up. Again.

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Looking For Edouard

Hurricane Edouard is coming! Hurricane Edouard is coming!!

All week long the surf reports and weather sites shouted. Big surf! Great waves! All time! Whoo-hoo!!!

Surf forecasting, like weather forecasting, is a hit and miss affair, we all know that. But both have gotten remarkably more accurate in the past decade compared to say, 30 years ago. Still there is something in the surfer’s psyche that sends up the red flags when a coming swell is hyped so much. You get your stoke on…sure…but you never let go that feeling you’re going to get skunked or are being set up for disappointment.

One thing for sure though, driving around Nova Scotia in September checking out remote, pristine beaches on a crystal clear day is Never In Vain. Even if there is little sign of Edouard and his forecast surf. Continue reading