Nova Scotia

I had heart surgery in 2009. They turned me off, but they got me started back up again. I felt pretty lucky and decided I need to go surfing again, but there is no surf in Happy Hollow…what to do…what to do?

I looked at the map and saw that Nova Scotia looked kind of interesting, heard some rumors about surf there. So I drove up and checked it out…it was freaking awesome!!!

I knew I had to live there. So I bought some land, built a cabin, started exploring…found some amazing places, beautiful beaches, lakes, trails. Then in 2014 I found another incredible lot on a hilltop on a point on a beach with multiple surf breaks below. I bought that too. Now I’m going to build another house up there.

You can check some photos out on my Instagram with neat framing/cropping and effects and a few more on my Flickr account.

There’s a bunch of video slideshows online I made of various photo shoots set to some great music. Some are on YouTube.  I’ll be posting some of them here too, click the post category Nova Scotia

Eagles Nest
The view from Eagle’s Nest, on top of Astaak Point, Clam Bay, Nova Scotia

Astaak Point is where I bought the new lot. Right on top! While taking pictures on the lot this year during the build, 3 eagles rose on a thermal below the bluff and soared above me circling. I knew I had to name the new home, Eagle’s Nest aka The Aerie.

I hope my friends and folks who see this and think it’s as awesome as I do will come visit. I look forward to sharing this amazing place with you.

P.S. I changed the name of the new home to The Aerie from Eagle’s Nest. I’m planning on building a separate site now for my images, videos and writing about my life up there.

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