I’ve never studied yoga or meditation, but I believe I read somewhere that in order to achieve inner peace one must create the right atmosphere. I think perhaps I’ve managed to do that by finding my special Aerie on Astaak and spending a lot of time walking along the beaches and marshes below. Continue reading


We have finally returned to Nova Scotia and taken up residence in our new home on Astaak Point in Clam Bay. As in prior years, I’ve taken a lot of pictures as we revisited all our favorite places here in Abbecombec Ocean Village. I often pick a couple photos to share on Facebook and Instagram, the selections made for random reasons; either a certain image symbolizes something about the day, some event we experienced (more often than not a George photo bomb) or simply just certain images stand out as special, you-know-it-when-you-see-it, extraordinary captures of the beauty that abounds here. Continue reading

Back To The Garden

If you’ve been following my journey on Facebook or this blog/website, you are probably aware that I think I’ve found Eden, or perhaps Shangri la. Certainly my idea of Paradise on Earth.

Some people call it Nova Scotia. I am very excited to soon call it Home. My new home on top of Astaak Point is being completed as I type this! Continue reading


Day Two in Shangri La

The day after we first got access to my “Shangri-La,” we returned to take more pictures and explore the entire development more in depth. It was a spectacular overcast day with stunning clouds, dramatic shafts of light bursting through, and occasional showers. I started by taking some panoramas at the overlook at the end of Astaak Point Road  Then I hiked onto a cleared lot on top of the point for a few shots, and was surprised by a rainbow bursting forth from the points I’d visited last year across the bay. The proverbial “pot of gold.” We then headed down through the wetlands to the private beach and the slough for a few more photos. Continue reading


A short live video 360° of that first day at Shangri-La.

I thought I’d found heaven. This is the first video I made after getting home. Then I made the one from all the stills I took, previously posted as Shangri-La.

By the end of the summer I had decided I wanted to live right here. As awesome as the cabin I have now is, it’s every surfer’s dream to own their own surf break. So I bought a lot on the top of the point at the far end of the beach you can see toward the end of the rotation, the hilltop point in the distance past the gazebos on the small reef in the middle of the beach. Continue reading


Part 3 of 4 videos from the big shoot at Mariner’s Cove on September 18.

My creative urge had been piqued from the results of previous shoots and resulting videos made from them, and I was on a roll. I took over 400 photos this afternoon. Too many to dump into one long video, so I broke them into 4, featuring different aspects of the location I had focused on as George and I wandered and wondered at our good fortune to enjoy such a magical place.

An inspiring, although somewhat grey, day at Shangri-La, my favorite unspoiled beach in Nova Scotia. Even with the overcast sky, the colors of nature were deep and rich to my eyes. For Part 3 I focused on the dune grasses, wild flowers, and other greenery that adorns the edge of land as it meets the sea. I called the result simply: Green. Continue reading