Maid With The Flaxen Hair

Part 2 of 4 slideshow videos I made from the big shoot at Mariner’s Cove on September 18 (after our morning hunt for Edouardo…)

Thinking of all those wonderful TV nature documentaries, I set this in depth photographic study of the reef I call Gazebos to a classical piece I just happened to have a free sample of on my computer. It couldn’t have been titled more appropriately.

Maid With The Flaxen Hair
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kirk Trevor
Richard Stolzman, soloist

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Where’s Edouard?

Day Two of the search for Edouard. September 18 early morning.

It was so big on the satellite pictures. The track was just right. It was right in the window. The swell charts were perfect. The wind was perfect. The sun was out, the water was still warm…

Where are the freaking waves??? Making the rounds, checking the points…a few tantalizing teasers…but nope…he stood us up. Again.

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Part 3 of 4 videos from the big shoot at Mariner’s Cove on September 18.

My creative urge had been piqued from the results of previous shoots and resulting videos made from them, and I was on a roll. I took over 400 photos this afternoon. Too many to dump into one long video, so I broke them into 4, featuring different aspects of the location I had focused on as George and I wandered and wondered at our good fortune to enjoy such a magical place.

An inspiring, although somewhat grey, day at Shangri-La, my favorite unspoiled beach in Nova Scotia. Even with the overcast sky, the colors of nature were deep and rich to my eyes. For Part 3 I focused on the dune grasses, wild flowers, and other greenery that adorns the edge of land as it meets the sea. I called the result simply: Green. Continue reading


Studies in abstract compositions in molten silver and threads of gold. With George.

Part 4 of the big shoot on September 18.

Found this song on my laptop, I think it was a freebie from a download site I signed up for. Love the sound…and it fits perfectly for you know who, the master photo bomber/art director assistant I am tethered to during all my beach shoots. Continue reading