The 28 Inch Mill

The 28 Inch MillBefore I decided to become a web designer, I was an actor and director in the theatre.

My Dad wanted me to have a vehicle to become famous, or at least something to perform, so he wrote me a one man play. It was brilliant.

I performed it a couple times. He got to see it before he died of Alzheimers. I miss him terribly.

You can read about the play and us here:

There are some videos and screen grabs there as well.

Excerpts and reviews are here>

More Steelworkers Stories

I got to know some other steelworkers in Bethlehem who are intent on preserving the story of the Steel. I built them a web site here:

Go check it out and order some videos from Bruce and buy Richie’s book when it comes out. Ed will sell some pictures online too someday…

there is a facebook page too

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