About Happy Hollow

Visitors Are Always Welcome.
Free Admission to Children of All Ages.

In July 2000 I bought a little piece of land in the country. I’m very happy here. I have dogs, and cats, and chickens and ducks. It’s at the bottom of a little dip in the farmland along a creek, a hollow if you will.

So I call it Happy Hollow Home for our Furry and Feathered Friends.

I’ve been here almost 15 years. It’s pretty nice.

To read some writing about my vision for Happy Hollow and my life here, and the dream I have for it, please check the blog post category Beersville.

There are┬ámore┬ávideos on YouTube as well. See the other social networking sites linked at top and bottom of all pages, if you just can’t get enough of Happy Hollow.

I also have some property in Nova Scotia too. Click this link to find out about that…