In The Meadow

In The Meadow

In the meadow no one can hurt you.
No one can spread lies about you.
No one can attack you.
No one can make you feel bad.
No one can be mean to you.
No one can hurt you
In the meadow.

In the meadow lost loved ones
Are still all around you.
Smiling, laughing, holding you
In their hearts with endless love.
They are still there loving you
Without judgement or conditions
In the meadow.

In the meadow the world is simply beautiful.
There is no war.
There is no hate.
There is no anger.
There is no hunger or sickness or pain.
There is nothing but beauty and life
In the meadow.

In the meadow I am happy and at peace.
I wish you could be there too
In the meadow.


Soon the sun will rise above those trees at the top of the hollow, sending bright life giving light down to dry the dew in the meadow along the creek.

Soon the¬†sunlight will pass through these trees around the meadow turning into angel’s fingers dancing across the flowers, touching every dew drenched petal and leaf and transforming a common green field into a magic carpet of sparkling rhinestones.

Everywhere hang garlands seemingly tossed casually like discarded diamond necklaces draped between the stems of the taller plants.

You can see this, and feel this too, if you know where to stand and look.

I can show you, but only if you come here early in the morning to the place I call Happy Hollow.

Astaak at Abbecombec

Today’s vocabulary words:

Awakening – coming into existence or awareness.
Requiescence – a state of rest or repose; peace, quiet.

Astaak is the native name for the point on which I built my home. It means “the sun comes out.” It overlooks Abbecombec, which is the native word for a wide curving bay and also the name of the village below my home along whose beaches I stroll almost daily. Continue reading


I’ve never studied yoga or meditation, but I believe I read somewhere that in order to achieve inner peace one must create the right atmosphere. I think perhaps I’ve managed to do that by finding my special Aerie on Astaak and spending a lot of time walking along the beaches and marshes below. Continue reading

Wave Porn

I love the ocean. I love to surf. I love waves.

Getting back into surfing has been a challenge. More of a challenge than learning the first time, which was the most difficult thing I ever accomplished. It’s been frustrating and demoralizing at times to want to do it so badly and to just not be able to. I won’t give up. I can’t. Continue reading