Abbecombec 2019 – The Book

The first year I was there I was so enchanted by the beauty of the area that I took a lot of photos. Energized by the amount of quality images I captured that year, I created not one, but 3 photo books on I then made a book of the surf pictures I’d accumulated up until then as a birthday present for my brother David.

I’ve taken a lot of photos every year since. But I haven’t taken the time and intensive effort to go through the 10,000s of images and try to select the best of the best and then to somehow organize those photos into a book. Until now.

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July 2019

I go to Nova Scotia every summer through the end of October and stay at my home on a drumlin (google it! LOL) that sticks out into the middle of a wide curving bay called Clam Bay. The community is named Abbecombec, which as it turns out, is derived from the native word for a wide curving bay.

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Embrace the Magnificent

Today’s thought of the day. An insight, a simple concept actually that smacked me in the head as George and I had a magnificent walk on the beach.

A day in the life. My life. You could have this too. All you have to do is say yes. Get out of your head, let go of worries and fears, and accept the gifts you’ve been given, that have been laid before you. Forget “no.” There is no happiness or freedom or joy or healing in no. Just say yes.

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Soon the sun will rise above those trees at the top of the hollow, sending bright life giving light down to dry the dew in the meadow along the creek.

Soon the¬†sunlight will pass through these trees around the meadow turning into angel’s fingers dancing across the flowers, touching every dew drenched petal and leaf and transforming a common green field into a magic carpet of sparkling rhinestones.

Everywhere hang garlands seemingly tossed casually like discarded diamond necklaces draped between the stems of the taller plants.

You can see this, and feel this too, if you know where to stand and look.

I can show you, but only if you come here early in the morning to the place I call Happy Hollow.

Astaak at Abbecombec

Today’s vocabulary words:

Awakening – coming into existence or awareness.
Requiescence – a state of rest or repose; peace, quiet.

Astaak is the native name for the point on which I built my home. It means “the sun comes out.” It overlooks Abbecombec, which is the native word for a wide curving bay and also the name of the village below my home along whose beaches I stroll almost daily. Continue reading


I’ve never studied yoga or meditation, but I believe I read somewhere that in order to achieve inner peace one must create the right atmosphere. I think perhaps I’ve managed to do that by finding my special Aerie on Astaak and spending a lot of time walking along the beaches and marshes below. Continue reading