Back To The Garden

If you’ve been following my journey on Facebook or this blog/website, you are probably aware that I think I’ve found Eden, or perhaps Shangri la. Certainly my idea of Paradise on Earth.

Some people call it Nova Scotia. I am very excited to soon call it Home. My new home on top of Astaak Point is being completed as I type this!

I only made it about halfway through editing my many 1000s of photos of the past summer to try to pick my top shots, but I couldn’t resist dropping the first approximately 200 350 438 500! into a slideshow for you all.

I eventually gave up on the idea of picking 100 top shots to create a “Best of” summary/overview sampler and it turned into a story about our summer of discovery and being enthralled with the area on a daily basis while witnessing its many moods and charms.

It quickly became a creative obsession as I added music, captions and effects…after a few days I figured it was time to step back and throw it out there and let you all experience it.

I would love to hear feedback and comments, good or bad. I know it could be edited massively, over and over…but I think it’s time to let go and move on to the next project…

Hope you enjoy it half as much as I did being there and taking these photos.