We have finally returned to Nova Scotia and taken up residence in our new home on Astaak Point in Clam Bay. As in prior years, I’ve taken a lot of pictures as we revisited all our favorite places here in Abbecombec Ocean Village. I often pick a couple photos to share on Facebook and Instagram, the selections┬ámade for random reasons; either a certain image symbolizes something about the day, some event we experienced (more often than not a George photo bomb) or simply just certain images stand out as special, you-know-it-when-you-see-it, extraordinary captures of the beauty that abounds here.

This particular day, we covered the entire area, from the ponds, the wetlands, the main beach and down to the far end of the beach. Upon reviewing the many images, with the intention of selecting a few for the day’s sharing, I found myself saying, over and over, “this is ridiculous.” It was even more ridiculous because I looked out the window from the computer and had to go get the tablet (the phone camera was still downloading to the laptop) to take still more pictures of the view that was too amazing not to. “Now THIS is ridiculous!” I said as I snapped away.

And so, to avoid the strenuous, if not impossible, task of trying to edit out a few exceptional photos, I opened the video maker and just dropped them all in, in order, unadjusted, untouched, and made one of my slideshows so those who wish to, can come along with George and me and experience the day as we did.

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