Abbecombec 2019 – The Book

The first year I was there I was so enchanted by the beauty of the area that I took a lot of photos. Energized by the amount of quality images I captured that year, I created not one, but 3 photo books on I then made a book of the surf pictures I’d accumulated up until then as a birthday present for my brother David.

I’ve taken a lot of photos every year since. But I haven’t taken the time and intensive effort to go through the 10,000s of images and try to select the best of the best and then to somehow organize those photos into a book. Until now.

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Murder on Astaak

There was a murder out on Astaak Point yesterday morning, November 14. Biggest flocking together of crows I’d ever seen. Noisy too.

It was one of those spectacular mornings that made me get up from the computer every 15 minutes or so and take a ton of pictures. I hate editing and trying to choose just a few to share on social media so I fell back on my old standby method of dropping the whole shoot into the movie maker and picking a song to go along.

So enjoy a morning on Astaak Point at my new home above Clam Bay, Nova Scotia and listen to Boy George and Culture Club perform one of their most lovely songs. Continue reading