In The Meadow

In The Meadow

In the meadow no one can hurt you.
No one can spread lies about you.
No one can attack you.
No one can make you feel bad.
No one can be mean to you.
No one can hurt you
In the meadow.

In the meadow lost loved ones
Are still all around you.
Smiling, laughing, holding you
In their hearts with endless love.
They are still there loving you
Without judgement or conditions
In the meadow.

In the meadow the world is simply beautiful.
There is no war.
There is no hate.
There is no anger.
There is no hunger or sickness or pain.
There is nothing but beauty and life
In the meadow.

In the meadow I am happy and at peace.
I wish you could be there too
In the meadow.

Day 2: Mourning in Beersville

Yesterday I woke up without a dog beside the bed. I walked downstairs without the sound of a dog following me down. I started the coffee without putting food in the dog bowl first. I sat on the toilet without a dog pushing the door open and pushing his head between my knees to look at me with those unbelievably loving eyes…

I can’t go on………..I go on. Continue reading