Sparkling Spectacle

The Next Beach Over – The second half of the massive set of photos I took this magnificent day at Conrad’s Beach, West Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Such a beautiful day, even the seaweed looked beautiful to me. So did the rocks and even the snails, with their interesting tracks, the cobblestone reef jutting out to sea with its eroded pillars of former trees, or perhaps old pilings out at the end, the rippling little waves forming multiple parallel wavelets as they expired on the shining wet sand, which had it’s own mesmerizing effects of colors and textures and sparkling light to draw my rapt and rapturous stares…

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Hidden Jewels

Tucked away down a couple of side roads through a residential area a bit closer to the city is a jewel of a beach. It’s actually the next beach over from Lawrencetown Public Beach, and is called Conrad’s Beach. Worth finding your way there and taking the boardwalk path across the wetlands to reach it.

The air was crystal clear, and the light, that always seems to make everything in Nova Scotia shine like sparkling jewels, was extraordinarily brilliant.
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Studies in abstract compositions in molten silver and threads of gold. With George.

Part 4 of the big shoot on September 18.

Found this song on my laptop, I think it was a freebie from a download site I signed up for. Love the sound…and it fits perfectly for you know who, the master photo bomber/art director assistant I am tethered to during all my beach shoots. Continue reading

Stairway to Heaven

No. Not the song by Led Zeppelin. Actual stairs. Several sets of them, in fact. Leading to something very like heaven. You’ll see when you watch this slideshow video of images taken at a place that sometimes seems like heaven on earth. One of many such locales in the natural wonderland known as Nova Scotia. Continue reading


In 2013 I discovered a special secret beach inside an ungated ‘gated’ community. I was enthralled with its beauty and pristine nature, and we returned almost every day that summer and fall. In 2014 I discovered that the gate had finally been installed, and access was now a long hike in. I knew a neighbor who had a parcel in there, but he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give me the gate code. Sadly I resigned myself to not having access this year.

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