There is a place in Nova Scotia called Cow Bay. This is not that place. This place is called Seals. There are no cows at Cow Bay. There are cows at Seals Beach. George is very interested in the cows at Seals Beach. George did not take his eyes off of them the entire time I wandered around the low tide exposed reefs and tide pools enchanted by the sparkling light and the myriad variations of colors and textures and shapes to be discovered on closer inspection amongst what looked from afar like boring grey shoals of countless cloned cobblestones.  Continue reading

Hidden Jewels

Tucked away down a couple of side roads through a residential area a bit closer to the city is a jewel of a beach. It’s actually the next beach over from Lawrencetown Public Beach, and is called Conrad’s Beach. Worth finding your way there and taking the boardwalk path across the wetlands to reach it.

The air was crystal clear, and the light, that always seems to make everything in Nova Scotia shine like sparkling jewels, was extraordinarily brilliant.
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