The Sun Also Sets

Tales of Brave Ulysses. A return visit to the Sirens of Jeddore Harbour.

During my binge online music purchase this past summer, I was downloading some of my old favorite classic 60s albums from iTunes when I came to this classic by Cream. I’d just done another photoshoot over at East Jeddore, trying to catch the sunset of the view down toward the west side points, which I call ‘the sirens,’ so this seemed like the perfect track for a follow up video.

I’ll leave it to my readers to try to understand why I titled it The Sun Also Sets. I like to mix up my cultural references…for one thing. LOL.

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Home Sweet Home

A compilation of select shots taken up at the cabin summer/fall of 2014. I didn’t take as many up at the cabin this year, since this year was all about exploration and discovery.

But there were those moments, at dawn looking out the kitchen window making coffee, in the evening relaxing on the deck with George, midday with spectacular white towering cumulus clouds against a clear blue sky over the harbour… Continue reading