Back Again

The daunting task continues…but it’s a labour of love. I only got through the next 2 days of shots and had enough to start putting to music. Timed out so nicely to this remaining unused song from the classic Crosby, Stills & Nash first album that I went ahead and generated a video. Continue reading

Back To The Garden

If you’ve been following my journey on Facebook or this blog/website, you are probably aware that I think I’ve found Eden, or perhaps Shangri la. Certainly my idea of Paradise on Earth.

Some people call it Nova Scotia. I am very excited to soon call it Home. My new home on top of Astaak Point is being completed as I type this! Continue reading


Sunset at the beach with George…revisited.

Such a glorious day, I succumbed to my guilt at always keeping him on leash, and I decided to let George free to run and roam to his heart’s content and just hoped I’d somehow get him back when it was time to head home.

No such luck. He wasn’t about to get in the truck after his taste of freedom. At least during my 2 mile walk up and down the beach below our new home, the sky, sea and sand had plenty of amazing sights to witness and try to record with my phone cam. Continue reading

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Late for the Sky With Diamonds

I could say something clever and insightful, possibly even poetic, but it’d be lame compared to watching this.

So just watch it. Please. Thanks. You’re Welcome.

Music: Shine On You Crazy Diamond ~ Pink Floyd
Album: Wish You Were Here
Photos: Stan Frantz
Location: Nova Scotia
Planet: Earth (yes, really) Continue reading

Walk In The Light

It’s Golden Time!

As if Shangri La isn’t already beautiful enough at dawn, sunset, or high noon, glorious in the rain or brilliant sun, golden time—that hour before sunset when the light bathes the world in a golden glow that makes you feel that god is walking with you and wanted to just take things up a notch—will simply take your breath away. Add a half moon hovering low in the blue sky and well…be transported.

If you’ve been listening to all of my video soundtracks, you may have discovered that I love classic Western Swing music. The band called Asleep At The Wheel is one of my favorite practitioners of this eclectic blend of jazz and country sounds and are one of the few dedicated to keeping it alive. Their original ‘girl singer,’ Chris O’Connell, has a way with a gospel tune, this one called The Son Shines Down On Me is simply perfect to savor ‘the golden hour,’ regardless of your personal spiritual belief system.

Continue reading

Sunset at the Beach With George

September 15, 2014 was an amazing day in Nova Scotia. Out of many, many amazing days. This one seemed to bless us with breathtaking moments unlimited. We started the day with a return visit to Martinique just after dawn, Endless Blessings, Endless Bliss.

Then as evening approached I walked out on the deck to see a spectacular sky and an inspiring view that moved me to say out loud…”Let’s go to the beach for the sunset George!”

Come along with me and my puppy George as we visit our favorite beach in Nova Scotia on a very special evening. Continue reading


Alternate version of September 25 sunset shoot at Shangri-La, aka Mariner’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

I admit I have a problem. That’s the first step. I’m a nature junkie, and I need a fix. Daily. The more I get, the more I want. The ocean and the beach is my heroin. Living in Nova Scotia on this beach is an ocean/nature junkie’s heaven.

Thus for me, Lou Reed’s epic live version of Heroin, with soaring solos and crescendos divided by quieter interludes, (even a passage of church organ!), expresses metaphorically the ecstatic emotions I experience as I walk this beach and experience the glory of nature, the ocean and life itself.

I hope you feel something like that same exhilaration as you watch this. Continue reading