Barefoot Servants

Over three very summerlike days in early October, George and I expanded the radius of our explorations from one side of the wide bay where we built our new home to the other.

We still spent plenty of time on our favorite beach below our home, aka Shangri-La, and explored the reef just east of Astaak Point, known as Sleepy Head, but ventured over to the far eastern side of the bay to the provincial park at Clam Harbour, famed for its August sand castle contest, and later drove down the East Jeddore road and hiked out to George Point, the westernmost prominence of Clam Bay.

It was pretty exciting to be able to see our new home on Astaak Point clearly from all places. Returning to our cabin above the Head of Jeddore still reminded us how amazing our location is there as well and how much of Nova Scotia is just simply breathtaking.

How lucky we are to be two humble barefoot servants in awe of its majesty.

P.S. This is actually Part 3 in my Back to The Garden series, aka my attempts at selecting highlight photos for a “Best of Novy 2015” reel.