Stairway to Heaven

No. Not the song by Led Zeppelin. Actual stairs. Several sets of them, in fact. Leading to something very like heaven. You’ll see when you watch this slideshow video of images taken at a place that sometimes seems like heaven on earth. One of many such locales in the natural wonderland known as Nova Scotia. Continue reading


In 2013 I discovered a special secret beach inside an ungated ‘gated’ community. I was enthralled with its beauty and pristine nature, and we returned almost every day that summer and fall. In 2014 I discovered that the gate had finally been installed, and access was now a long hike in. I knew a neighbor who had a parcel in there, but he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give me the gate code. Sadly I resigned myself to not having access this year.

But after about a month I was jonesing, so I decided to make the hike in. Continue reading

Gidget Goes To Malibu

One fine day I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of the Malibu of Nova Scotia, aka Lawrencetown. The center of Novy surfing, it’s become quite a zoo in the past couple years, due largely, IMHO, to the promotion of the sport and lifestyle by certain retail giants looking to create new markets. Just a guess…I’m sure there are other factors. But on most summer days its packed with tourists, hodads, wannabes, groms, and kooks, much like the fabled Malibu after the movie Gidget came out. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

A compilation of select shots taken up at the cabin summer/fall of 2014. I didn’t take as many up at the cabin this year, since this year was all about exploration and discovery.

But there were those moments, at dawn looking out the kitchen window making coffee, in the evening relaxing on the deck with George, midday with spectacular white towering cumulus clouds against a clear blue sky over the harbour… Continue reading

Nova Scotia: A Love Song

About halfway through the summer, having stumbled upon my new creative compulsion/mission, and after taking thousands of photographs, during dozens of shoots, and making the first few video slideshows of the various shoots, I decided to try and pick some of the top shots. A daunting task, which I quickly gave up on, but not before I had selected 89 of my favorites from the first few shoots I managed to get through.

So I put them together as a love song to my adopted home. Continue reading

The Path Not Taken

I had seen on the Google, that there was a little road, or track really, leading out of the picturesque fishing village at Little Harbour down to a point of land. It took me a false turn or two to find it, even though the ‘town’ is really tiny. It looked like a grass grown gravel driveway to someone’s house, but it wound past the home and out to the end of the point of land. There were a few houses there, so we didn’t disembark and explore, but turned around after a few minutes scoping it out and headed back…until I spotted a little trail off the side of the road. Continue reading

Tourist Trap

Google maps is my friend. There is so much of Nova Scotia that is simply empty, so much coastline inaccessible, so many nooks and crannies, and inlets, and bays, and lakes and rivers, highways and byways. Spotted this rather remote little fishing village not too far from my cottage at the Head of Jeddore harbour, just a couple bays to the east, with a tiny thread of a road going to it, so we decided to go check it out. Continue reading