Endless Blessings. Endless Bliss.

It all began with a trip back east to Bethlehem to visit our grandparents one summer back in 1966. My Dad had been transferred by Bethlehem Steel out to St. Louis MO and we lived in a comfortable middle class town called Kirkwood. We pretty much hated it there, we called it Misery, rather than Missouri. So we leapt at the chance to go back to our beloved hometown.

We were even more thrilled when our grandparents asked us what we wanted to do. “Go down the Shore!!!” we screeched in unison. We’d always loved the beach and especially loved body surfing in the little rollers at Ocean City NJ and Wildwood and Atlantic City. It was something we discovered naturally and had been water babies from the get go.

The Poster that changed everything.

The Poster that changed everything.

This year they took us to Atlantic City. It was also around the time that ‘surf music,’ like the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, The Ventures and all the others were creating a national interest in the surf lifestyle…I can’t recall if we’d discovered or been aware of all that yet at our tender age. But there was this hypnotic poster everywhere, in bright fluorescent orange and pink and yellow, that said Endless Summer. That sounded pretty good to us, a couple little kids hooked on playing in the shorebreak at the beach. We insisted on going to see it.

Well, that settled everything. Can you say: Major Life Changing Moment. At the end we both turned to each other and said, “well, that’s how I’m going to spend my life.” We started to sit through it again, but part way through our grandparents got worried and got the usher to come in and find us and pull us out. That was the beginning of our ‘stoke.’ It has yet to diminish.

Watch this slideshow of our return to Martinique (see Stairway to Heaven to experience our first visit) for a glorious morning beach walk, while listening to The Sandals play the classic theme music from That Movie, maybe you can understand why.

And then go watch Sunset at the Beach With George, this same evening at another spectacular beach in Nova Scotia.