There is a place in Nova Scotia called Cow Bay. This is not that place. This place is called Seals. There are no cows at Cow Bay. There are cows at Seals Beach. George is very interested in the cows at Seals Beach. George did not take his eyes off of them the entire time I wandered around the low tide exposed reefs and tide pools enchanted by the sparkling light and the myriad variations of colors and textures and shapes to be discovered on closer inspection amongst what looked from afar like boring grey shoals of countless cloned cobblestones.  Continue reading

George Point

After weeks of wandering and exploring the various beaches around the area, I decided to get on Google and try to find some maps with place names. It wasn’t easy. Finally found one that had pretty good information. Still a lot of places simply aren’t named, or the native names haven’t been recorded on the official maps.

George Point on the East Side of the tip of Jeddore Harbour

George Point

But imagine my surprise and delight to discover that the point down around the corner on the other side at the eastern end of our harbour was actually named George Point.

Well, I knew where we were headed the next morning…and a few other days as well… Continue reading

Sparkling Spectacle

The Next Beach Over – The second half of the massive set of photos I took this magnificent day at Conrad’s Beach, West Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Such a beautiful day, even the seaweed looked beautiful to me. So did the rocks and even the snails, with their interesting tracks, the cobblestone reef jutting out to sea with its eroded pillars of former trees, or perhaps old pilings out at the end, the rippling little waves forming multiple parallel wavelets as they expired on the shining wet sand, which had it’s own mesmerizing effects of colors and textures and sparkling light to draw my rapt and rapturous stares…

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Hidden Jewels

Tucked away down a couple of side roads through a residential area a bit closer to the city is a jewel of a beach. It’s actually the next beach over from Lawrencetown Public Beach, and is called Conrad’s Beach. Worth finding your way there and taking the boardwalk path across the wetlands to reach it.

The air was crystal clear, and the light, that always seems to make everything in Nova Scotia shine like sparkling jewels, was extraordinarily brilliant.
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Sunset at the Beach With George

September 15, 2014 was an amazing day in Nova Scotia. Out of many, many amazing days. This one seemed to bless us with breathtaking moments unlimited. We started the day with a return visit to Martinique just after dawn, Endless Blessings, Endless Bliss.

Then as evening approached I walked out on the deck to see a spectacular sky and an inspiring view that moved┬áme to say out loud…”Let’s go to the beach for the sunset George!”

Come along with me and my puppy George as we visit our favorite beach in Nova Scotia on a very special evening. Continue reading


Endless Blessings. Endless Bliss.

It all began with a trip back east to Bethlehem to visit our grandparents one summer back in 1966. My Dad had been transferred by Bethlehem Steel out to St. Louis MO and we lived in a comfortable middle class town called Kirkwood. We pretty much hated it there, we called it Misery, rather than Missouri. So we leapt at the chance to go back to our beloved hometown.

We were even more thrilled when our grandparents asked us what we wanted to do. “Go down the Shore!!!” we screeched in unison. We’d always loved the beach and especially loved body surfing in the little rollers at Ocean City NJ and Wildwood and Atlantic City. It was something we discovered naturally and had been water babies from the get go. Continue reading


Alternate version of September 25 sunset shoot at Shangri-La, aka Mariner’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

I admit I have a problem. That’s the first step. I’m a nature junkie, and I need a fix. Daily. The more I get, the more I want. The ocean and the beach is my heroin. Living in Nova Scotia on this beach is an ocean/nature junkie’s heaven.

Thus for me, Lou Reed’s epic live version of Heroin, with soaring solos and crescendos divided by quieter interludes, (even a passage of church organ!), expresses metaphorically the ecstatic emotions I experience as I walk this beach and experience the glory of nature, the ocean and life itself.

I hope you feel something like that same exhilaration as you watch this. Continue reading