September 2019

I go to Nova Scotia every summer through the end of October and stay at my home on a drumlin (google it! LOL) that sticks out into the middle of a wide curving bay called Clam Bay. The community is named Abbecombec, which as it turns out, is derived from the native word for a wide curving bay.

I spend my time wandering the beach there and sitting on my deck watching the world go by. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I take a LOT of pictures. This year was a year I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of what I think are the best of the best from September, well, I thought that as I tried to rate and edit them. So now they’re compiled into a video slideshow for your vicarious enjoyment of spending Septemberat a home on the beach in Abbecombec, Clam Bay, Nova Scotia.

BTW, I’m there alone except for my dog, George, who appears sporadically in the photos. (fun drinking game, shout George and take a swig every time you see him) so I am open to having visitors, especially of the single female sort.

More videos are still in the works, so please subscribe to my channel if you’d care to see more of this boring and drab life I lead.

Saturday Promenade

One of these days I suppose these early morning walks will lose their sense of wonder and amazement, of discovery and excitement, even when treading the same familiar paths.

Until that time you’ll just have to endure my endless attempts at creating a vicarious online experience of it all to share with the world in hopes that someday someone will come join us. Continue reading