Lulu’s Autobiography

I love to go for rides in the car and swim and fetch sticks & balls. I also like to play tuggie with socks, and ‘you can’t catch me’ around the bed with my Daddy, Stanley. (he’s a human) My favorite place to go is the beach, especially the one with the big pond at the end of a creek. It’s great for swimming. I’m still a little afraid of the waves in the ocean, but sometimes there’s dead seals or other carcasses I like to roll in and get real stinky, if my Daddy doesn’t catch me first.

I’ll do anything for a cookie. If you give me one I’ll remember you and be your friend forever. Really! I love to make friends with anyone, human or doggie, and I always get real excited when I have visitors, ’cause it’s a chance to make a new friend! I never met a doggie or human I didn’t like and they always like me too! My Daddy says he learns a lot from me, like how to be happy just being alive and how to be joyful just to be together at the beach or in the car or even at home. I really love him the most and he loves me more than anything and tells me so all the time. Maybe that’s why I’m so happy all the time. We sure are lucky to have each other

I have a stick!

I have a stick!

My real daddy was a purebred chocolate Labrador Retriever and my mommy was a black & white short-haired Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, so I guess I’m a mutt, but I don’t care. My human Daddy says I got the best of both breeds. I had two brothers and three sisters and it was my parents third and last litter. I barely remember them, I hope some day I see them again.

We have two kitties that live with us, Puck and Star. I try to play with them but Puck ignores me and Star runs away and hides. I can’t figure out why they don’t like me, but I keep trying to make friends.

Sometimes my Daddy has to go to work and leaves me home alone and it sure would be nice to have someone to play with. It breaks his heart and mine too when he has to go, but he always comes home as soon as he can. Still its hard when he gets in the shower in the morning, that’s how I know he’s going to work, and that’s the one time I get really sad, and don’t feel like doing much. He tries to cheer me up, but I just sulk and make him feel guilty. He says I’m inconsolable, whatever that means. I just wish he would find a job where they let me come with him or work at home more.


Unconditional Love

My favorite time is when he comes home. I get so excited I can’t control myself. Its so good to see him. I wiggle and waggle and my little body practically bends in half I wag my tail so hard. He always gets down on his knees so I can put my paws around him and give him a big hug, and lots of kisses all over his face. I love that, I think he does too!

Pretty soon we get to go for a bye bye in the car and go to the beach. If we go to the one with the swimming pond, I always run ahead and get there first and have to bark at him to hurry up. Then its swim, swim, swim. Sometimes other dogs come by and play too. Last Sunday there were 6 of us all barking, and swimming, and chasing sticks, what a party!

If you want to write to me email I’d love to hear from other doggies and their kids.

We’ve Moved East!

I love the beach!

I love the beach!

I had to update this site ’cause my Daddy and me moved to the East Coast in October. So I don’t get to go to the beach anymore, at least for a while. But that’s ok, ’cause there is a river here, almost right across the street, too, and it’s even better than the beach, believe it or not. There’s these little critters here called squirrels that are really fun to chase and when I get tired of them I can swim after the ducks and geese in the river and the canal. There’s a path along the canal between it and the river where my Daddy takes me on a walk almost every day. Actually he walks & I run and chase stuff. It’s really great! I’m so glad we moved here. I get to be with my Daddy all the time and we’re really happy together.

Today we went there and the canal was frozen over and there was snow and ice everywhere, but I found some ducks and swam halfway across the river before my Daddy saw me and yelled at me to come back. I guess he thought I might get cold and drown or something. He should know my ancestors were from Labrador and Scotland, so cold doesn’t mean anything to me, besides I have a thick shiny fur coat and I keep running all the time so how could I ever get cold? He said I looked pretty funny with icicles on my whiskers though.

My Daddy quit his job in California and we live here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in this old house with his Grandmother, Nana Pearl, she’s 97, and we help take care of her and her house. She was a little afraid of me at first, but now she really likes me. She talks to me all the time and sneaks me cookies and everything. When my Daddy’s in the TV room I go in the kitchen with her and she talks to me and I keep her company while she cooks & cleans & stuff. She’s really nice and I feel good about making her feel better. I really admire how she does so much for herself even after a bad fall she had last year when they had to give her a new metal shoulder and now her right arm isn’t much use any more. I love the way I can get her to smile and brighten up when I come in and waggle my tail and give her a little kiss on her hand to wake her if she’s napping. My Daddy says, that’s my job, making people happy & brightening up their lives. Whatever, I just be myself, and people seem to get happy.

Someone to watch over me

Someone to watch over me

A doggie named Miles wrote to me, he has a really nice Mommy. He told me how he took up the whole bed when he slept on it with her, but she let him anyway. He’s a Great Pyrenees, I think that’s like a St. Bernard only bigger. I’ve seen some big doggies, but he must be huge! My Daddy and I always sleep together too, and so does Puck, our kitty, he’s pretty big, for a cat, so there’s not much room left in our bed either. Sometimes Puck & I quarrel a little about who gets which side of Daddy, but we usually work it out. The funny thing is every morning when I’m licking my Daddy’s face to wake him up, Puck keeps jumping on my tail. I have to turn around to make him stop, but as soon as I turn back around to lick my Daddy again, bang, he’s jumping on my tail. My Daddy just laughs really loud, but it’s really distracting.

Well, this is getting pretty long, I better finish up now. Come back again soon, I promise I’ll get my Daddy to take some more pictures.

You can write to me at my e-mail or to my Daddy, he has his own email address, it’s