Gidget Goes To Malibu

One fine day I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of the Malibu of Nova Scotia, aka Lawrencetown. The center of Novy surfing, it’s become quite a zoo in the past couple years, due largely, IMHO, to the promotion of the sport and lifestyle by certain retail giants looking to create new markets. Just a guess…I’m sure there are other factors. But on most summer days its packed with tourists, hodads, wannabes, groms, and kooks, much like the fabled Malibu after the movie Gidget came out.

It’s an area with a nice variety of breaks, a classic right point, called “The Point,” a really nice reef, called “The Reef”, lots of beach break peaks to spread out the summer crowd, and a left point on the backside of the drumlin on the west end, on the other side of The Point, called “Tea House”—betcha thought I was gonna say “The Left”—it’s a local joke about their lack of creative surf spot names. It’s below a tea house obviously. There is actually a legendary heavy left, called “Left Point”…someplace else, that seldom breaks.

This day however, it was flat and no one was in sight, hardly. Even at small size, with a nice light offshore breeze it was pretty classic. I’m really going to have to bite the bullet and get an SUP for days like this and get in the water.

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