The Day The Earth Stood Still

Late for the Sky With Diamonds

I could say something clever and insightful, possibly even poetic, but it’d be lame compared to watching this.

So just watch it. Please. Thanks. You’re Welcome.

Music: Shine On You Crazy Diamond ~ Pink Floyd
Album: Wish You Were Here
Photos: Stan Frantz
Location: Nova Scotia
Planet: Earth (yes, really) Continue reading

August Afternoon

Just in case you haven’t had enough of empty, beautiful days at the beach in Nova Scotia…come enjoy another flawless afternoon at Shangri La in mid-August.

You might be tempted to ask: “Where the heck is everyone?”

I would answer with a shrug, “I don’t know, and I really don’t care, but you’re always welcome to come join George and me.” Continue reading

Shine On

Tropical moods in September. Brilliant blue skies with snowy puffs of clouds scudding by. Aquamarine water sparkling crystal clear beyond glittering green grasses. Bright warm sun and a fresh crisp breeze. Can’t complain about that.

Desmond Dekker lays down the rock steady beat while the North Atlantic does its Caribbean impression. Continue reading

Walk In The Light

It’s Golden Time!

As if Shangri La isn’t already beautiful enough at dawn, sunset, or high noon, glorious in the rain or brilliant sun, golden time—that hour before sunset when the light bathes the world in a golden glow that makes you feel that god is walking with you and wanted to just take things up a notch—will simply take your breath away. Add a half moon hovering low in the blue sky and well…be transported.

If you’ve been listening to all of my video soundtracks, you may have discovered that I love classic Western Swing music. The band called Asleep At The Wheel is one of my favorite practitioners of this eclectic blend of jazz and country sounds and are one of the few dedicated to keeping it alive. Their original ‘girl singer,’ Chris O’Connell, has a way with a gospel tune, this one called The Son Shines Down On Me is simply perfect to savor ‘the golden hour,’ regardless of your personal spiritual belief system.

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Life On The Edge

There is a place called Three Fathom Harbour I’d seen on the maps and driven past a road to it on the way to Lawrencetown. We didn’t head over that way more than a couple times this year, so I never checked it out. I’d heard there was a pretty consistent surf break out on the point of land on the west side of it called The Wreck. I was told it was a nice easy walk out along the well maintained public Atlantic View Trail.

Edging...its a very long way down.

Edging…its a very long way down.

Finally in early October I determined we were going to go check it out, so off we went early one morning. As usual I brought along George and my phone and snapped a few shots along the way. Turns out the fork we took led to a very steep cliff and along the edge of it for a ways. Looking at the soft crumbling soil and remembering the heavy rains we’d had the past week, and George’s newfound penchant for living life on the edge…I decided to backtrack and find another route out to the point rather than the one along the cliff edge. I think I know the real reason the beach below it is called Terminal Beach. Very surprised there are no warning signs or flags or anything. A truly dangerous place… Continue reading

Rainy Day

Dream Away

September 7, 2014, was an overcast day with occasional showers. It did not diminish the glory of nature one iota or our desire to spend the morning on the beach.

Jimi Hendrix composed a song that goes through my head on days like this. (Although the phrase “Moody Blues” did come to mind as I originally viewed the images…I believe I posted the highlights on my Facebook page that day with that title…LOL) Continue reading

Cosmic Balance

One phenomenon I kept noticing very often while I wandered about Nova Scotia exploring new areas and taking photos was a marked tendency for design elements in the sky to mirror the earth. Or was it vice versa?

It was uncanny how so often whatever patterns, textures, geometry, or other compositional elements appeared in one aspect were echoed in the others, in the sky and on the land and often on the water as well. You might have noticed it in many of the videos I’ve already posted…as I often would take dozens of shots trying to capture this natural balance and synchronicity. You will see it much more as I continue to post more shoots… Continue reading

Sitting On Top of the World

You know that drumlin you’ve seen in so many of the photo shoots, the one looming over Sleepy Head and at the eastern end of the beach shoots at Shangri-La? The point I refer to as Astaak Point?

Well, I bought a lot on top of it. Lot 20 to be exact. I’m pretty stoked. This is every surfer’s dream, and now it’s come true for me. Pinch me… Continue reading