Life On The Edge

There is a place called Three Fathom Harbour I’d seen on the maps and driven past a road to it on the way to Lawrencetown. We didn’t head over that way more than a couple times this year, so I never checked it out. I’d heard there was a pretty consistent surf break out on the point of land on the west side of it called The Wreck. I was told it was a nice easy walk out along the well maintained public Atlantic View Trail.

Edging...its a very long way down.

Edging…its a very long way down.

Finally in early October I determined we were going to go check it out, so off we went early one morning. As usual I brought along George and my phone and snapped a few shots along the way. Turns out the fork we took led to a very steep cliff and along the edge of it for a ways. Looking at the soft crumbling soil and remembering the heavy rains we’d had the past week, and George’s newfound penchant for living life on the edge…I decided to backtrack and find another route out to the point rather than the one along the cliff edge. I think I know the real reason the beach below it is called Terminal Beach. Very surprised there are no warning signs or flags or anything. A truly dangerous place…

Collette Silhouette

Collette Silhouette

We eventually found other paths and chose one that led out to the big open meadow on the hillside overlooking the point and the place called The Wreck.

Naturally since it was dead flat, I didn’t bring a board. Naturally there were fun sized rideable waves and no one out. There was also a lovely young woman sitting there alone. Being shy and respectful of other people’s space, I would’ve detoured wide of her, but George insisted on meeting her and giving her a kiss. He’s kind of forward that way. He’s a babe magnet… Anyhow being a gentleman myself, I asked her if she’d like to meet George and for permission to take her photo silhouetted against the sea. I snapped a few and then left her to her solitude, although she seemed to enjoy the company and the wet kisses and hugs…from George.

After I left and got back to the truck…I wondered if I should have talked more to her…it was 8 am on a work/school day…I hoped she wasn’t despondent and was contemplating throwing herself into the sea. She did seem very melancholy and somehow lost and hurting inside…it takes one to know one…but I consoled myself I was just being overly romantic and a worry wart…or maybe just projecting. I will never know.