Looking For Edouard

Hurricane Edouard is coming! Hurricane Edouard is coming!!

All week long the surf reports and weather sites shouted. Big surf! Great waves! All time! Whoo-hoo!!!

Surf forecasting, like weather forecasting, is a hit and miss affair, we all know that. But both have gotten remarkably more accurate in the past decade compared to say, 30 years ago. Still there is something in the surfer’s psyche that sends up the red flags when a coming swell is hyped so much. You get your stoke on…sure…but you never let go that feeling you’re going to get skunked or are being set up for disappointment.

One thing for sure though, driving around Nova Scotia in September checking out remote, pristine beaches on a crystal clear day is Never In Vain. Even if there is little sign of Edouard and his forecast surf.