Riders on the Storm

Usually in Nova Scotia, the surfers, like me, hope a hurricane passes by, but not too close! That will kick up some excellent surf. You just have to time it so you hit it when the wind comes around offshore.

One night, in the cabin, in the middle of the night it seemed like a full on hurricane was hitting and would blow us off the ridge. Nothing had been forecast though. It was a storm that had come off the land and combined with various meteorological factors to turn into something close to that force though. Not a Nor’easter as it came from due West off the continental U.S. A complete surprise, interesting in this day of high technology weather forecasting.

As dawn broke and the storm was receding over the horizon out to sea to the Northeast, the wind was still pretty wild and not perfect for the points down at the end of the harbour, but I was curious to see if the surf had kicked up. It had. It was wild. I took a bunch of photos and video, as the sky went from dark brooding to bright and clear blue.

Of course there is only one song to accompany this slideshow.

Riders on the Storm by The Doors