When Springtime Comes Again

Spring in Happy Hollow. Oh how I long for thee!

As winter drags on, it’s always nice to have some images of reawakening and rebirth, to call forth the sense memories of the warmth, sunshine, bright colors, and fresh smells of Spring. To help the winter weary soul look forward with impatient anticipation to the glory of another May in Happy Hollow.

An older video slideshow, from Spring 2013. One of the first I put together. Featuring a tune actually titled When The Springtime Comes Again. performed by legendary acoustic guitarist, John Fahey.

2 thoughts on “When Springtime Comes Again

  1. Hi Stan,

    Hey I can’t view your video posts. I have a MacBook. I can see your pages but not the videos, I can download them. Do I need to upload a program that will help me view with your .wmv files?? Sorry I’m not real tech savy. Thanks for your time.
    Missing spring, looking for a winter escape through the photos…….and possible inspiration to get out and take some winter shots.


    • Hi Eve,
      thanks for the input. .wmv is a windows media player format/file. I tried using .mp4, that’s supposed to have broader support but they didn’t play at all for me in any browser. You can find them in the NS Videos album in the gallery, but they don’t work for me at all, altho sometimes I get sound no pics. Oddly enough Chrome plays the .wmv on the pages in the main site, but not in the gallery subsite. Chrome doesn’t support a plugin to handle them anymore and says they have no plans to, unfortunately. It gets even more complicated as to how videos are coded into pages…the new way (that is used on the blog pages) is supposed to fix all this, and does on all browsers on my Windows computers, but I guess not on Mac yet. It’s been driving me crazy for some time, trying to find a global solution, other than YouTube…which gets into copyright issues.

      My only suggestion is to see if your browser has a plugin available to handle playing .wmv in pages. Most of the offline standalone players will play anything…hence having to download first. I’d love to know if you can play the .mp4 in the gallery on Mac.

      BTW the Springtime video is on YouTube but with different music I believe.

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