George Returns to Sleepy Head (with Daddy)

Having become totally enchanted with Mariner’s Cove and our favorite beach, Shangri La, once we regained access, and exploring elsewhere on the coast in completely new areas, I suddenly realized we hadn’t visited our old favorite haunt at Sleepy Head in over a month!

Back we went on an incredible Fall day in October. I took a few photos. I think some are ok.

Come along with me and George and enjoy our extended excursion to this lovely location while listening to one of the finest displays of instrumental virtuosity ever recorded. (IMHO)

From Richard Betts’ debut solo album, Highway Call, an extended jam called Handpicked, featuring a roster of some of the all time great players on their respective instruments, including Vassar Clements on fiddle, Chuck Leavell on piano, John Hughey on pedal steel guitar, and Dickey Betts himself, of course, showing his effortless and distinctive chops on lead electric guitar.