The Reef

Sleepy Head At Low Tide

An In Depth Study (with George)

By August 14 I was really getting going with the new photography thing and committed myself to taking a lot of different pictures studying various aspects of the low tide reef which caught my eye. Patterns and textures in the sand, the sea grasses and seaweed, scores of sparkling jellyfish spread on the water’s edge, the ripples and reflections in the tide pools, tiny waves breaking along the edges, the cobblestones that make up both the reef and the huge berm on the shore, and the wetlands hemmed in behind that as well as a variety of location shots to show the layout.

George was always involved as usual. If he’s not tethered to me, he takes off and refuses to return for hours, often deciding, unwisely to make friends with local porcupines. Needless to say being tethered to a curious dog while doing nature shoots has its challenges, but also its rewards…on occasion.