August Moods

Sleepy Head, The Reef Next Door

Right below Astaak Point—site of our future home, the drumlin point you’ll see often in the following series of videos—on the eastern side, is a tiny little perfect cove formed by a long curving reef. I called it Winnebagos until I found out the official name was Sleepy Head. Perhaps my favorite place name ever.

For about a month before we regained access to Shangri La, we took a lot of long walks there and I took a lot of photos of it’s many moods, components, colors, and textures. This is a compilation of select shots from several of those visits during August 2014. (The August  17 shoot features the famed interpretive dance by George called I See Birds which he improvised on the spot.)

Astaak Point & Sleepy Head

Location, Location, Location

I also made an additional slideshow from our August 14 visit on which I took a LOT of pictures, and then returned in October for one last session there with George. These each became videos of their own which I’ll be posting the coming two days. This might result in your never wanting to see the damn place again as long as you live, but makes me want to go there again right now. And it’s my web site…so deal with it! LOL. I do hope you enjoy visiting this special place with me and George.