Back Again

The daunting task continues…but it’s a labour of love. I only got through the next 2 days of shots and had enough to start putting to music. Timed out so nicely to this remaining unused song from the classic Crosby, Stills & Nash first album that I went ahead and generated a video. Continue reading

Back To The Garden

If you’ve been following my journey on Facebook or this blog/website, you are probably aware that I think I’ve found Eden, or perhaps Shangri la. Certainly my idea of Paradise on Earth.

Some people call it Nova Scotia. I am very excited to soon call it Home. My new home on top of Astaak Point is being completed as I type this! Continue reading

Morning in the Marsh

The Abbecombec Marshes are part of the preserved common land jointly held by lot owners in the gated development where I’m building my new home. It’s gated due to some extreme deer poaching issues they had in recent years. A couple of bad apples spoiling access to this pristine natural wonder for the rest of the community. Continue reading

Cosmic Balance

One phenomenon I kept noticing very often while I wandered about Nova Scotia exploring new areas and taking photos was a marked tendency for design elements in the sky to mirror the earth. Or was it vice versa?

It was uncanny how so often whatever patterns, textures, geometry, or other compositional elements appeared in one aspect were echoed in the others, in the sky and on the land and often on the water as well. You might have noticed it in many of the videos I’ve already posted…as I often would take dozens of shots trying to capture this natural balance and synchronicity. You will see it much more as I continue to post more shoots… Continue reading


Endless Blessings. Endless Bliss.

It all began with a trip back east to Bethlehem to visit our grandparents one summer back in 1966. My Dad had been transferred by Bethlehem Steel out to St. Louis MO and we lived in a comfortable middle class town called Kirkwood. We pretty much hated it there, we called it Misery, rather than Missouri. So we leapt at the chance to go back to our beloved hometown.

We were even more thrilled when our grandparents asked us what we wanted to do. “Go down the Shore!!!” we screeched in unison. We’d always loved the beach and especially loved body surfing in the little rollers at Ocean City NJ and Wildwood and Atlantic City. It was something we discovered naturally and had been water babies from the get go. Continue reading

Stairway to Heaven

No. Not the song by Led Zeppelin. Actual stairs. Several sets of them, in fact. Leading to something very like heaven. You’ll see when you watch this slideshow video of images taken at a place that sometimes seems like heaven on earth. One of many such locales in the natural wonderland known as Nova Scotia. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

A compilation of select shots taken up at the cabin summer/fall of 2014. I didn’t take as many up at the cabin this year, since this year was all about exploration and discovery.

But there were those moments, at dawn looking out the kitchen window making coffee, in the evening relaxing on the deck with George, midday with spectacular white towering cumulus clouds against a clear blue sky over the harbour… Continue reading