August Afternoon

Just in case you haven’t had enough of empty, beautiful days at the beach in Nova Scotia…come enjoy another flawless afternoon at Shangri La in mid-August.

You might be tempted to ask: “Where the heck is everyone?”

I would answer with a shrug, “I don’t know, and I really don’t care, but you’re always welcome to come join George and me.” Continue reading

Shine On

Tropical moods in September. Brilliant blue skies with snowy puffs of clouds scudding by. Aquamarine water sparkling crystal clear beyond glittering green grasses. Bright warm sun and a fresh crisp breeze. Can’t complain about that.

Desmond Dekker lays down the rock steady beat while the North Atlantic does its Caribbean impression. Continue reading


Day Two in Shangri La

The day after we first got access to my “Shangri-La,” we returned to take more pictures and explore the entire development more in depth. It was a spectacular overcast day with stunning clouds, dramatic shafts of light bursting through, and occasional showers. I started by taking some panoramas at the overlook at the end of Astaak Point Road  Then I hiked onto a cleared lot on top of the point for a few shots, and was surprised by a rainbow bursting forth from the points I’d visited last year across the bay. The proverbial “pot of gold.” We then headed down through the wetlands to the private beach and the slough for a few more photos. Continue reading


George Returns to Sleepy Head (with Daddy)

Having become totally enchanted with Mariner’s Cove and our favorite beach, Shangri La, once we regained access, and exploring elsewhere on the coast in completely new areas, I suddenly realized we hadn’t visited our old favorite haunt at Sleepy Head in over a month!

Back we went on an incredible Fall day in October. I took a few photos. I think some are ok.

Come along with me and George and enjoy our extended excursion to this lovely location while listening to one of the finest displays of instrumental virtuosity ever recorded. (IMHO) Continue reading

The Reef

Sleepy Head At Low Tide

An In Depth Study (with George)

By August 14 I was really getting going with the new photography thing and committed myself to taking a lot of different pictures studying various aspects of the low tide reef which caught my eye. Patterns and textures in the sand, the sea grasses and seaweed, scores of sparkling jellyfish spread on the water’s edge, the ripples and reflections in the tide pools, tiny waves breaking along the edges, the cobblestones that make up both the reef and the huge berm on the shore, and the wetlands hemmed in behind that as well as a variety of location shots to show the layout. Continue reading

August Moods

Sleepy Head, The Reef Next Door

Right below Astaak Point—site of our future home, the drumlin point you’ll see often in the following series of videos—on the eastern side, is a tiny little perfect cove formed by a long curving reef. I called it Winnebagos until I found out the official name was Sleepy Head. Perhaps my favorite place name ever.

For about a month before we regained access to Shangri La, we took a lot of long walks there and I took a lot of photos of it’s many moods, components, colors, and textures. This is a compilation of select shots from several of those visits during August 2014. (The August  17 shoot features the famed interpretive dance by George called I See Birds which he improvised on the spot.) Continue reading

George Visits Clam Harbour Beach

An excursion to a local beach, art directed by George. This is another of the beautiful well-known and usually very popular public beach parks. Site of a world famous annual sand castle contest. You can’t get within a mile of it on that weekend, need to park miles a way and take a shuttle bus in.

The rest of the time however, it’s pretty much like this. The only other signs of life we saw were the many deer tracks on the beach down at the fresh water slough. Continue reading

Sparkling Spectacle

The Next Beach Over – The second half of the massive set of photos I took this magnificent day at Conrad’s Beach, West Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Such a beautiful day, even the seaweed looked beautiful to me. So did the rocks and even the snails, with their interesting tracks, the cobblestone reef jutting out to sea with its eroded pillars of former trees, or perhaps old pilings out at the end, the rippling little waves forming multiple parallel wavelets as they expired on the shining wet sand, which had it’s own mesmerizing effects of colors and textures and sparkling light to draw my rapt and rapturous stares…

Continue reading