Surrealistic Journey

To Nowhere.

A photographic/musical video experience I put together during the week after I returned from Nova Scotia. After days in bed during which I was very sick and miserable I had to do something creative to distract myself and try to be productive at the height of my fevered distress. This video is my way of escaping to a more pastoral and pleasant existential memory. A place where time and space are warped and beauty and art flood the senses…and occasionally a happy dog comes running past. Continue reading


Walking along the edge of the sea, I became fascinated with the way the sun and clouds’ reflections changed and morphed as I moved and as the small waves moved in and out altering the qualities of the reflective surface of the wet sand.

So I did what I do, took pictures and videos. George did what he does, ran and played and explored and had fun. We managed to synergize both our actions and creative impulses somehow. I think to both our benefit. Continue reading


Sunset at the beach with George…revisited.

Such a glorious day, I succumbed to my guilt at always keeping him on leash, and I decided to let George free to run and roam to his heart’s content and just hoped I’d somehow get him back when it was time to head home.

No such luck. He wasn’t about to get in the truck after his taste of freedom. At least during my 2 mile walk up and down the beach below our new home, the sky, sea and sand had plenty of amazing sights to witness and try to record with my phone cam. Continue reading

Feeling Free

Just another visit to our beach here in Nova Scotia.

For his own protection (and my sanity) George has to remain leashed at all times wherever we go. Being (I suspect) half greyhound, he does not recall, but loves to run and chase. I do let go occasionally, but it is risky. I leave the long leash attached so I can catch him, but he has gone way back into the wilderness and gotten tangled, which was then not fun, quite a challenge in fact. Continue reading

The Reef

Sleepy Head At Low Tide

An In Depth Study (with George)

By August 14 I was really getting going with the new photography thing and committed myself to taking a lot of different pictures studying various aspects of the low tide reef which caught my eye. Patterns and textures in the sand, the sea grasses and seaweed, scores of sparkling jellyfish spread on the water’s edge, the ripples and reflections in the tide pools, tiny waves breaking along the edges, the cobblestones that make up both the reef and the huge berm on the shore, and the wetlands hemmed in behind that as well as a variety of location shots to show the layout. Continue reading

George Visits Clam Harbour Beach

An excursion to a local beach, art directed by George. This is another of the beautiful well-known and usually very popular public beach parks. Site of a world famous annual sand castle contest. You can’t get within a mile of it on that weekend, need to park miles a way and take a shuttle bus in.

The rest of the time however, it’s pretty much like this. The only other signs of life we saw were the many deer tracks on the beach down at the fresh water slough. Continue reading

Walkies With George

Come take a walk with George and me as we head out from the deck one fine May morning, down Beersville Road, and back around the meadow where we meet up with Ralph and Alice the pair of wild mallards who’ve come to visit us every spring since I got here.

Although it was still officially Spring, it just seemed like Janis Joplin’s live version of Summertime with Big Brother & The Holding Company was the perfect music to serenade us as we enjoyed the freshness and lushness of life in Happy Hollow. Continue reading


There is a place in Nova Scotia called Cow Bay. This is not that place. This place is called Seals. There are no cows at Cow Bay. There are cows at Seals Beach. George is very interested in the cows at Seals Beach. George did not take his eyes off of them the entire time I wandered around the low tide exposed reefs and tide pools enchanted by the sparkling light and the myriad variations of colors and textures and shapes to be discovered on closer inspection amongst what looked from afar like boring grey shoals of countless cloned cobblestones.  Continue reading

George Point

After weeks of wandering and exploring the various beaches around the area, I decided to get on Google and try to find some maps with place names. It wasn’t easy. Finally found one that had pretty good information. Still a lot of places simply aren’t named, or the native names haven’t been recorded on the official maps.

George Point on the East Side of the tip of Jeddore Harbour

George Point

But imagine my surprise and delight to discover that the point down around the corner on the other side at the eastern end of our harbour was actually named George Point.

Well, I knew where we were headed the next morning…and a few other days as well… Continue reading